Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Gym Time

I am slowly easing my way back into the gym. Yesterday I was able to do spin class again, the first time after almost a year.

I was beaming with happiness.

This morning I went back and was able to go 50 calories and 5 minutes further than yesterday.

It's frustrating to not be able to do the things I used to, but in the same aspect, I appreciate the fact that I am just able to do something.

Going from being able to do nothing when I was sick, to just working out....It's amazing.

If I come to a point where I don't think I can do anymore, I just remember that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

I do it in His strength, not my own.

I can't wait til I can go all out. I can't wait to see my clothes getting bigger.

I can't wait to go and buy me new work out shoes.

Hope, that lies within Christ.

Hope, where I had none.

I look back and think about how hopeless I was....So sad.

I hope I never get to that point again.

Heading to the pool for the day =D

God is good.



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