Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Good Tuesday Morning =)

Actually been getting to sleep at a decent hour so I wake up really early!

Last night I tried sleeping with the TV off. I have a horrible habit of sleeping with the TV on. Well....... LOL, I prayed, meditated and then tried to convince myself I could do it. Nah, I made it 15 minutes with no TV. Everything is so weird in the dark. Maybe each night I can go a little further until I just fall asleep waiting for the minutes.

Have a really busy day today. Gotta get some stuff together for going back to a salon =) I love when my old bosses randomly pop into my life. I'm nervous about going back to hair, but I was really good at it. I gotta spend the day cleaning Johnnys, gotta get to the gym and then Community Groups with Curl tonight.

I love days like today. Busy and no time for thinking. I won't lie and say I don't have sad moments, because I have them quite a bit...But, I'm dealing with them. I'm getting my groove back and moving on. Missing people is hard. It's the quiet where there was once noise for me. Missing for the right reasons, I'm there.

Have a wonderful Tuesday.

Much, Much, Much Love <3

Dianna Lynne

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