Wednesday, July 02, 2008


I didn't even realize that it was July! Happy July! Didn't sleep very well last night at all. Had alot of anxiety off and on. Went to bed a lil after 10 didn't fall asleep til after 1 am. I really worked my butt off yesterday. I am really working my butt off today. Boxes have got to be carried upstairs and onto the patio, furniture has to be carried out of the basement. They are going to remodel the bathroom and that means drywall dust and muck all over, then comes the carpet people and we can't have anything downstairs. Sooooooo alot of work. I am trying to get it done one step at a time, but I'm petering out. Everytime I ask the boys for help I get a TON of lip and frankly I am pissed off about that. They should help. I need to take a shower, but used all the hot water washing sheets and blankets. So waiting on that. Haven't been on computer very much at all. Just to check mail. I don't miss it.
I do however miss my TV Land. Leave it to beaver, the beverly hillbillies. 5 tvs in the house and I want to watch a program I get nothing but whining and complaining. Savannah won't leave my side. I'm just ready for school to start and some peace and quiet. I need some.
Okay Have a happy July.
PS added some new old photos to my photo blog. If you haven't seen them they are new to you :P ha ha!

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Mindy said...

My anxiety comes at night, too. There's something about lying down in a dark, quiet room that makes my imagination take off with all kinds of awful ways my kids could die.