Thursday, July 03, 2008

Happy 3rd!

Just sat down. Beat, beat, beat!! I got up maintained what I had been cleaning all week. Went to Walmart got some stuff for tomorrow. Came home cleaned. Sat down played computer for a wee bit then got back up making dinner and just finished mopping floors. My eyes are so heavy from exhaustion. Owooooooo! i got some new swiffer Lavendar and they kinda made my allergies act up. I really don't like the smell either. Not as pleasant as the box says. Creepy smellin. Got a busy day tomorrow. Im glad. Laundry is all done. =) covers and sheets are all done. Gonna make some gluten free cookies in a few to take tomorrow. That's about it. Nice and dull just like I like it :) Happy Thursday.

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