Monday, April 29, 2013

My Window

I moved my computer by my window and there is nothing outside there to look out except an old ugly fence that's about 2 feet from my nose. There's a concrete ledge out there and a bunch of dead ivy. I like to sit with my window open and look out and I found myself disappointed because it's so ugly.

God has given me quite a show with this window. It started with a family of skinks that go by, back and forth all day. I enjoyed watching them so much!! So, next comes a chipmunk that goes back and forth all day!!

I was so tickled with my skinks and my chipmunk, but today I saw a bright red male cardinal!! He stopped looked in and me and hopped along the ledge!!

I am a critter lover for sure and my ugly view and proven to be quite a nature trail!!

I'm so excited I hope more things run by, well cept a rat or mice, but I'm good with the other things!!

Silly things make me so happy!!

I'm over-joyed with my skink, my chipmunk and my card!!




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