Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Figured I'd sit down and write a wee lil bit.

Things have gotten a bit better lately. In this whole process, I have changed quite a bit. Getting really tired of situations and I just have no want to even fix them.

Seeing a specialist to help me cope w/ PTSD along w/ my regular counselor. I like her a lot and she knows what she's talking about. We talked for awhile and she spoke a whole lot of truth to me about my life, current situations, past situations and future situations.

I have to change the past(my reaction to it), to change my future.

She said a lot of people are like me and afraid to change anything because they are afraid of that change. Afraid of consequences of that change. But, she made a lot of sense that change is necessary and change is good. By changing some of my current situations that really are no good, I can open doors for new and better things to come along.

I really enjoy talking with her.

All I want is to be happy and hopefully after working w/ her and a few others I'll get the tools to use to make better decisions and get out of situations I'm not happy in. There are quite a few in my life and I do have power to change them.

Just need to find it.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.

He has risen =D



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