Monday, April 16, 2012

Answered Prayers

I have been thinking all morning about prayers. How for a long, long time I prayed for something. God answered the prayer and I'm sitting here sad, because it's not at all what I wanted.

I don't know why He did that. Unless it was to show me the reality of things.

I was doing so well. So well..... I can't blame anyone but myself.

I need to be careful about what I pray for. I feel sick to my stomach.

Last year, I never thought I'd end up here. I have been in a spiritual plateau for awhile. Taking what I can get, when I can get it.

I'm really disappointed with myself lately. I read my prayer journal the other day and saw all the prayers and saw my pain. I made the prayers while in the pain, when in reality I think things were supposed to be the way they were.

I didn't take God at His word and thought *I* knew better. Now, I'm stuck in a place I don't want to be.

I need to pray for God to fix it.

Father really does know best.

I'm an idiot.



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