Friday, July 29, 2011

Been A Good Summer, Been A Bad Summer

Been sick for about a week. I picked up a stomach bug in the ER, no surprise there and today have that.

I know God is working on it. I run myself down, I did it last year and got pneumonia. When will I get it and listen? This time I think I got the point.

Trying to find the good in things lately.

Trying to be positive and focus on the good.

*I felt okay for the past 2 days. Better, stronger.
*Elmer and I had a really good time last night and he made me smile and laugh which I felt I haven't done in awhile.
*Summer *IS* coming to and end, thank God.
*I have lots of tomatoes
*I'm not angry at myself as much anymore and am accepting me for who I am.
*I'm on here blogging about things that are positive instead of blogging about what's wrong.

Have a wonderful weekend.



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