Monday, December 13, 2010

Looking for some good in winter

In the days of missing summer, I'm trying to find the positives in winter when a.) It's not even winter yet b.) It's cold, snowy and we are trapped in the house.

This is gonna be hard!!

*I'll start with my personal favorite....Navel oranges are in season!! I bought a huge bag yesterday. They taste so good this time of year. I absolutely LOVE them!

*The snow makes everything look clean!

*After the brutal summer, the brutal cold is a little (and I stress little) depressing.

*The gym is less crowded. (til January LOL)

*Jesus birthday!! =)

*My Christmas tree smells heavenly!

*I love my blue jeans

*Anthony's home from college for Christmas break!

*My dogs get their winter coats and they are soooooo soft.

Okay, that's all the happiness for winter I can take right now!! Gonna go find some snuggly socks!!

I Love me some socks!!!! My ducky ones got a hole in them, wahhhhh! That's okay, an orange is a quick fix solution!

Off to eat one =)

Have a fantastic snow day!



1 comment:

Carie said...

I love oranges to, Naval Oranges are so the best lol :) we dont get snow, but in all the cold and ickyness of it all my small daisy bush bloomed :) I know they bloom year round, but they make me feel like its just for me, my bright spots :)