Monday, February 25, 2013


Closing out my first FULL week on WW today. I didn't dip into any of my extra points at all. I need to dip into them b/c when I go down on points, I'm going to want them. I weigh in, in the morning and I'm so excited =D I feel thinner if that makes sense.

I have been journaling every food I put into my mouth, I have been writing EVERYTHING down.

I'm doing well, thanks to God for the discipline!

Even if I haven't lost any tomorrow, I'm going to keep on trudging on because I know I can do this. Just a matter of tweaking it.


Went to Heine brothers this morning for coffee, I'm finding decaf Dunkin Doughnuts is my fav over all of them and my mom bought me a bag this morning. It's like heaven. I am on my 3rd cup of coffee this morning. Good thing none of it has caffiene or I'd be bouncing off the ceiling.

Also went looking at antiques today, that was interesting and we were having a good time til I reminded my mom that we were in an old funeral home and the basement we were in probably embalmed bodies lol! She got the hell out of dodge after that =D ha!

Pulled all my appliances out in my kitchen, washed down walls and hand scrubbed the floor in there.

Taking a bit of a break and then heading back to make a plan for the laundry room

Hope you have a happy Monday!!


Love me

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Melzie Belle said...

wtg on the WW :) (and I know you were down almost 5 lbs!) I love reading the updates on your coffee hunt lol. I've never tried DD maybe I'll try some soon (store bought we don't have an actual DD)
xoxo melzie