Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Mind

Yesterday I went to the Dr. Sinus infection, possible strep, congested lungs......I didn't feel good then, I didn't feel good today.

I'm tired and I slept til noon and even had a hard time getting out of bed then. My throat feels like I swallowed razor blades and my mind won't let me sit...

A typical day in my mind and the actions that follow.......

Oh crap I slept late, I have to take my ulcer medicine 1 hour before I eat, 4 hours before my iron, 2 hours before my antibiotics.........I need to write this crap down.

I have a headache, did I take Tylenol when taking my arsenal of meds?

Crap, my head still hurts did I take it? Crap. Crap. Crap.

Savannah's coming over tonight I need to change her sheets and clean her room.

God my throat hurts.

If I don't get this laundry done, it will pile up and there's no where to put it.

Crap, did I put the wrong things in the recycle bin, it's cold out, I need to go check the recycle bin.

It's Wednesday, did I remember to put the trash out last night?

I need to go in the living room and look at the floor for things Opie can trip over and things Troy can put in his mouth.

Crap, I hope I picked everything up.

Damn, dogs need to go out. Okay.......You forgot to close the dryer door, hurry and get the dogs out and finish.....

Frick Opie fell down the stairs, I knew I shouldn't of been rushing the dogs.

Is he okay? Will he be okay? Crap.

Crap, I forgot to turn the washer on when I closed the dryer door.

I want a smoothie, but that means I'll have to wash the dishes. Well, maybe I can leave the dishes just this once.

This smoothie is helping me throat, but I can't sit here and enjoy it because I left the blender in my sink.

Ugh, that blender is in my sink and I'm about to cry because I don't want to wash it.

Phew I feel better now that the blender is washed, but now my smoothie has melted and needs to go in the freezer.

Crap, the dogs are out of food and water again, I need to fill their bowl .

My throat hurts, I wonder if I took Tylenol already?

Okay, dogs are fed, what was I doing?

Oh yea the Christmas tree needs to be watered.

Crap, I never put my smoothie in the freezer.


I need to dust Savannahs room so her allergies don't act up.

Can someone help me rearrange Savannahs room because I can't lift this stuff?

Okay let me do it my self.

Crap, my back hurts. Did I take tylenol?

It's time to eat, I need to count my points and take my iron, but wait........I can't take it with my antibiotics and I have to wait 2 hours before and after.......Screw it, I'm taking it anyways.

I'm taking Tylenol too, if I'm gonna die from taking iron and antibiotics might as well take the Tylenol and go down with a sore throat.

Did I eat lunch?

My mouth still tastes like smoothie, so maybe I didn't eat.

Did I feed the dogs?




I need a shower.


My mind wears me out.

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Melzie Belle said...

lol I do the same thing with ibu never knowing if I took it or not. I just chance it and take more. xoxo love you girl.