Wednesday, February 02, 2011

A lil update

My life is about to get tons busier, so taking the time to update a bit before I disappear for a bit.

Quick question.....any of you guys know how to make my Facebook Profile private? I had to get the new profile and the options aren't in the same place and some how it's public. Yikes!!

I start work Friday =) They hurried and got me in there. I felt the love as they were all wanting me on their shift <3 They said I will liven the place up! It's refreshing to hear things like that and how much good energy I put off. Compliment after compliment! Such a change! I have to go pants shopping tomorrow =) Since I lost so much weight, it actually won't be a dread! Looking forward to it!! People have been telling me lately "Your hair looks fantastic, when did you get it done?" No exaggeration probably 8 people in the last couple weeks. My hair has always been the same LOL it's just the weight loss! When I tell them that, they are like "omg yea". ( I can't get a double space in here and it's making me crazy) A couple of months ago I thought my night blooming jasmine was going to the great green house in the sky. All her leaves were falling off and ugh I was just sad. Last week she took off like a mad crazy woman with sprouting. As you can see below, she lost her leaves for new ones!! Photobucket

And below is all her growing!!


She's looking just as gorgeous as she did over the summer! My brother and his wife came over the other day and said they had to get one. She smells so good and bloomed 3 times over the summer.

I got all my starter stuff for my seeds and going to plant them this weekend in the tiny green house! =)

Hmmm can't think of much else and it will probably be awhile til I post again. I literally am either working, going to CPR, computer class and orientation every night and day. On top of that being a mom, working out and doing the other stuff I do.

Life so rocks.

Praise God =)

I loves Him!

Shoot me an email a/b FB if you know!

Love, Love, Love


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