Monday, February 28, 2011

Finally A Break Through!!!!

Finally, finally, FINALLY!!! Hallelujia!

I have spent the last couple months going through Redemption Group. It's been tough at times and tonight I was in a bad mood...I just didn't want to go...

I should've taken that as a sign of good things are coming.

I felt so spiritually zapped inside. I questioned my faith, questioned my God, questioned what He is doing and feeling that I knew better than He did.

I was so wrong. He has revealed so much to me. The true heart of people (good and bad), growing in faith and growing as a Christian. Learning what it means to preach the gospel to myself and actually understand what that means.

The group of women He placed me with is the biggest blessing of my life. They fed me so much of God's truth tonight. I was believing so many lies and they took all my dark places and put them into the light.

I feel like a weight was lifted and I have my joy back. =) No one can be to me what God is. My idols fail me.

It's funny when you have an idol...whether it be a person, a thing, an addiction....God has showed me slowly what my idols are. Some are noticeable, some are not. He has gently shown me what my idols are made of. Slowly at His pace I see the truth.

No one, no thing.......Nothing can be what God is to me. Now......I need to apply that daily and just pray that God keeps me close to Him and learn to believe all of His truths.


Idols do fall. Hallelujia! They fall!!




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