Wednesday, October 07, 2009

It's Wednesday YAY!

I'm a bit tired cause I stayed up later than normal but all is good.

Get to get out of the house today YAY! Keep my mind from thinking. Got alot on my mind. Tired of playing petty stupid games (mental) with people. Well, they play them and I then have to adjust to them. But.........Some good news... with every game I'm a lil more done than the last time, so all is good. As my mom called it, death by attrition I think it was.....It's happening.
I'm not in high school anymore, so the game thing is lame.
Entertaining somewhat but lame.
LOL I grew up with the best mental gamer ever LOL!

People like that play the games to compensate for things that they lack in themselves. Therefore it's some sort of sick gratification in hurting another. Whether they are jealous in some way, or they just want to keep the person from being something better than they are . My friend Chris told me a few mos ago......."If you didn't have someone constantly trying to keep a cap on you, the world would be the limit for you. Take the cap off and let yourself reach what you are. I believe in you."

I didn't get that for awhile, but now I do. Sometimes when i want to take a pic or something, I say "You know I'm not good enough", "What does it matter, I'll never amount to anything" "those aren't very good" But those are things others have said. I guess the cap that Chris talked about.......their words hold me back. Funny thing is I never hear the people who encourage me. Those are the ones I need to start listening too. It's just easier to believe the nay sayers. But then again that's a problem with themselves and really what good can ever come by constantly criticizing others. It may make you temporarily feel good but over all..........Epic Fail.

The Wizard of Oz sums it all up the best........

"A heart is not judged by how much you love; but by how much you are loved by others. "

And I have alot of people and then some that think the world of me =) and love me.

Happy Wednesday!
It's trash day!


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