Friday, June 20, 2008

Lost in a sea of stuff

Trying to organzie stuff. UGH, I want to have a yardsale but UGH I don't. Too much trouble, too much hassle. Fixing to list a ton of stuff on Freecycle again today. It's such a good program. I go downstairs and look and just don't know where to start. Twin sheets, full sheets, games, old clothes.... I just don't know where to start. I really, really don't. Started on the sunporch yesterday. Half finished it. So many 3 and 4 T clothes. I wish lil Evangeline was old enough to wear them. There's easily 1500 dollars worth of nice clothes just sitting. I need to just start but when everything is disorganized, I don't know what to do. We need a dumpster. Badly. Just wanna pitch so much stuff in the dump and get it out of my bair. Get rid of things that I do not use, nor will I use. We have no storage for anything and we just need stuff gone, gone, gone Whoa whoa whoa.
Any ideas on organizing?

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L. Eubanks said...

WHen in doubt.. throw it out!

Or if you or your family members cannot name what is in the closet.. then they must not use it very often and it should go too! I use that with Jay a lot. He wants to keep a big box of something.. or he wants to go through it to make sure he doesn't need anything in it. So, I say "name one thing that is in that box." If he can, he can keep it. I do it to myself too! Very rarely have I regretted it.

We all keep wanting bigger houses just to keep all of our sh**! I struggle with not letting THINGS dictate my life and well being. I say, less is more! (not that I always live by that, but that is my goal!)