Thursday, March 31, 2005

March 31, 2005

Today I just didn't want to get out of bed. I am so tired. We spent all afternoon and evening outside. We were like the neighborhood babysitters. We had 10 kids in our yard last night so we went out and played simon says with them, and red light green light and Bocce ball. Then turned to a game of HORSE. The kids like our house, they are always in our yard. Probably because we actually go outside and play with them. Anthonys homework is getting so hard and I am a big dumbass when it comes to math. I am welcoming springbreak. Very much. I am tired of driving to take them to school across town, pick them up from school across town, i miss Ellen, I miss Dr Phil and i am alwayssssssssssssssss on the road driving. I wanna be home and be lazy for a week! Which i probably won't do. I am going to take them somewhere. I wish it could be to the ocean. When i was their age I had been to the ocean probably 10 times and my 13 year old has never even seen it. Hes already past the age where it would be adventurous seeing crabs and collecting sea shells, but to see the ocean. One of my relaxing places is panama city beach, i just remember sitting on the beach, a storm was approaching and i felt the wind and sand just whip against my face. Its a memory i will always take with me. I one day very soon will give my kids the opportunity to go to the ocean. I am going to start a saving jar, to the ocean or bust, Then it will be to see Mickey and the princess for savannah. Shes at the age where she would LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE to see Mickey Mouse but UGH of course Money or lack there of. Maybe next years tax return well just up and do it. No time like the present. With all the cars breaking and wrecks this year it was just impossible. Not to mention the dryer and everything else breaking. Stuff only breaks for us at tax time. I guess that could be a blessing in a way but a curse for those of us who wanna go to the freakin beach :) Okay my dog is still rubbing his teeth on the same reese wrapper, I should really call the vet and find out if he has a toothache or if hes just a neurotic dog. Hes our match thats for sure. I am gonna post a picture of my Savannah. Juan was teaching her to ride her bike and its my favorite picture because you can see his hands around her. Its awesome okay its below!! YAY IT worked!

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courlog said...

Awwwww, poor pup! LOL The beach sounds nice! Take me with you! *eg*