Monday, March 28, 2005

March 28, 2005, been awhile

I haven't felt much like writing. I actually haven't felt much like doing anything. I think my iron is low again. I go Wednesday to have it checked. Finally I can talk again :) Thats a perk but i am still squeaky. Been a sad day today. Cried alot. A local police officer was shot and killed by a 17 year old kid. His funeral was today (the police officers) it was very very sad. I cried alot. He was so young and it angers me greatly to know a 17 year old decided on wednesday that he would take someones life. Someones husband, someones friend, someones brother, someones son. The boy shot and killed himself. He had shot someone a month earlier twice, then tried to shoot in a car at some girls, why was this boy on the streets? Senseless, very very senseless. I felt for his wife. She looked so strong. But I know all to well that the funeral ends, the company eventually fades and you are left to deal with reality. Bless their hearts, I wish them well. Sigh. Its been raining alot. Its flooded outside. Easter was rainy. Poor Easter bunny needed a boat to get to our house. I have to leave to get my son now, driving in this slosh. I just wanna sit and sit and sit. Really I want to clean but no energy is coming, just tiredness. Thank God American Idol tomorrow, its truly the highlight of my week. GO BO!! :) Carrie too of course :) Okay. Ill try to write more often.

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courlog said...

The story of the police officer is so sad. The family will be in my prayers