Monday, September 12, 2011

I miss her when she goes away

Just like every Monday after the weekend I have Savannah I lay in bed and cry.

I really don't like sharing her. It's the ugly side of divorce. I hate cleaning up on Mondays, because I like seeing her shoes and doll dresses all around. I like seeing her Hershey bar wrappers. I love hearing her giggle and laugh.

I love having her ask me who I wanna marry and read my instant messages over my shoulder and tease me about my use of LOL.

My quiet dark life is full of noise and light when she's hear and I just totally miss her when she goes away.

=( Sometimes I wish I would've stayed married just so I wouldn't have to share her, but I know that's not the answer.

Off to wipe the tears away and look forward to Wednesday when I see her again.

I love her.


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