Monday, November 09, 2009

it's monday

argh. the weekend was long. partly because the kids were off school thursday, friday.... anthony was sick, i wasn't feeling good at all. the stuff the dentist did, hurt very badly all weekend, i had a sore throat and a cough. i had no money to do anything and savannah was bored. i felt bad, but did what i could. yesterday we had our movie day at moms and ate ice cream sundaes and watched movies. not much i could do........bills, but they are all paid, thank God.

yesterday, i didn't feel real well was sad. a good friend and i talked in depth last night about alot of things. he made me see alot of things i don't see. was nice to just talk and get good sound advice. i have a lot of good friends. i'm extremely lucky on that front.

hmmm claire chewed up about 20 dum dum suckers and has sticks stuck in her fur, so i'm guessing a bath for her is on the agenda.

kids are all back to school. im cleaning.


happy monday.

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