Sunday, May 22, 2011

It's Sunday =)

The week started out a bit rough, but has ended so sweetly =D

Busy most of the week. Angel and I did I think 5 or 6 spin classes, I exercised on top of that. Yesterday I was sore to say the least, but it was all good.

Had a long talk with a good friend who set me straight on a lot of things currently going on in my life. They always tell me the absolute truth, it sinks in, I see it.

I think sometimes I like to step inside a fantasy world and mold things to make them appear the way I want them to. In reality they are nothing of the sort.

Thank God for good friends =D

Been spending lots of time talking to God lately. He was absent for so long and finally came back. I don't think He was absent as much as I think I was.

Life without Him is nothing but confusion, life with Him is peace. =)

Getting ready to head to church. Had a real busy day yesterday, but it was so wonderful =)

I got me a new iphone, so that's really cool =D I LOVE it =)

Did some late night gardening.

Life is sweetly good sometimes =)



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