Friday, April 08, 2011

Been Such A Long TIme

Good grief, I have worked my butt off this week. I'm just laying in my bed spending some time on the net =)

Things are going really well, same as before.

The date thing....Well, I told the guy I would go out with him... I told him to pick the place. Typical guy he picked a cabin in the woods for the weekend....I was like "Um, I told you I would go on a date with you, not go to a cabin with you."

He got upset with me. @@ This is me not caring that he is upset with me. C'mon...Seriously?

Talking to a new fella....We shall see how that pans out. I have no expectations going into it.

Hmmmmm....What else. Savannahs 9th birthday was today =D YAY!!

Got my first ever new car YAY =)

Lost my normal, on schedul 2.2 lbs this week.

Looking forward to next week, having a bit of free time and spending some much needed time with God.

I miss that time with my Papa =D

My flowers are all coming up and I can't use my camera =( ...

That's really about all the update I have for now. I'm sooooooooo tired, I can't hardly keep my eyes open.

Going to bed and gonna have some sweet, sweet dreams!



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