Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Has Sprung =)

I checked my clematis tonight after seeing my brothers growing back and mine are growing back too!! I had more than my brother!! I took a pic, but the printer won't let me view the card reader. Grumble. It's a beautiful sight!

Things have been going well here. I had a stomach something for a few days and I feel a lot better.

Today was the close of Redemption Group and so much stuff flooded my mind. God has brought me so far and I open doors He closed for me. I'm now plagued with regret opening them.

I honestly don't know what to do. I am the queen of getting myself into huge messes. Why can't people just behave and grow up? That's one question I ask God over and over....Why can't people just act the way they are supposed to.

I forget we live in a fallen world. Like that would be so easy to forget. 2 minutes of any news cast will remind one of that.

You know one thing Redemption Group taught me is that people really do change. I changed. But the thing is....God has to change them and they have to invite God in their life to do so.

On our last RG we talked about fruits of the spirit, that's how you can tell if someone has changed. What fruit do they bear?

I just wish I had a magic wand to wave and fix everything. Undo what I did. I didn't miss the frustration at all......I just have to pray to God to change my heart. Put at least like where there is dis-like.

I dunno...........Enough about that whole mess, my flowers are growing back!!


Seeing all the work today done in my Godly families life was overwhelming. God truly is amazing.

He sure did help me out last night when I kept having nightmares. Prince of Peace indeed =).

Enough rambling for now, Happy Spring =)

A guy at work said he would fix my old puter....I think I'm gonna take him up on that. I can't stand not using my camera!

Happy Sunday



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