Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Wednesday!!

YAY!! =)
Woke up in a fantastic mood.
Slept awesome!! A good friend of mine called at 2 am (i think) unless it was a dream. I remember talking about a subject, I should check my phone to see if it was a dream of if they did indeed call. I must've been sleeping heavily either way!! Hope I was well behaved and didn't sleep talk. That would be bad!!
Everything is going great here!! Working out every day. I have such a good time at the gym. Juans hooked up w hot guy to work out yesterday, he is getting built!! Melzie I'll show you some pics later. He's really getting buff!!
So, I'm gonna work out before I get Savannah that way I can goof off without worrying about daycare hours.
Then I guess it's off to moms for swimming =)
Okay, have a wonderful day everyone
It's indeed a good one here =)

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Carie said...

tonight big brother starts, you excited yet? :)